Extended Day Programs


Extended Day Programs are dedicated to establishing and maintaining effective partnerships that support all schools in their efforts to ensure achievement at or above grade level for all students. We offer support through the use of tutors during the school day and after school, summer school and online support programs.

Goal for Pre-K and Elementary Schools:
Improve the achievement of students performing below grade level in reading, math, and writing.

Goal for Middle Schools:
Reduce the number of students scoring at level I and level II on the EOG tests and Algebra I EOC test.

Goal for High Schools:
Reduce the number of students failing core courses and to provide additional opportunities for students to meet High School Gateway Standards. Extended day tutorials will also provide recovery opportunity with instruction for students with excess absences.

Summer Options


~Elementary 3rd Grade Academy

~CMS Summer Reading Camp


Middle School:

~STEM: Summer Topics Exploring Mathematics including Academic Youth Development and Algebra I Core Topics

~EXCELS: Exciting Exploration Of Literacy Skills

~LEP/EOC/EOG Support


High School:

~Credit Recovery -Recovering a Course for Credit

~LEP/EOC/EOG Support

Contact Information
Ann Marie Clinton
Director, PreK-12 Academic Support Programs

Candice Colvin
Coordinator, Extended Day

Angelene Rodgers
Senior Administrative Secretary