World Languages

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We provide world language instruction to help students to develop the ability to communicate with native speakers of the language of study.

Other goals include:

  • Developing a greater appreciation of the culture(s) associated with the language of study.
  • Providing interdisciplinary connections to many co-curricular areas such as the arts, mathematics and the social and environmental sciences.
  • Preparing students to actively participate in the global community.
  • Building literacy skills for use in any language.
World Languages is part of the Humanities Department in the division of Learning and Teaching located at Walton Plaza.CMS has been designated A Global Communicators Program District for Excellence in the Study of World Languages by the North Carolina in the World Organization.

The following links are resources for many languages:

This video gives an introduction to the North Carolina World Languages Essential Standards.

For World Languages teachers and administrators, here is our members-only wiki.  Our wiki contains our “I can” statements, benchmark assessments, sample lessons, and hundreds of resources.

Our professional organizations: